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The Incas

Essential to understand Inca culture in all its aspects: origin, economy, social organization, religion and art. This is an introduction to life in the Tawantinsuyo, which is opposite to the versions provided by Spanish historians.

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In The Incas, Peruvian historian Franklin Pease G. Y. explores all aspects of life in the Tawantinsuyu, the great Inca empire that stretched for thousands of miles along the Andes of modernday Bolivia, Chile, Ecuadro and Peru. Pease does so by reexamining the sources of most of our knowledge of this complex society, the "chronocles" written during and after the Spanish conquest by a disparate group of soldiers, priests, colonial administrators ands the descendants of this protagonists, often themselves of mixed Andean-Spanish blood. This account opens a window into the Inca universe, vividly explaining everything from the Inca polity and economic structures to its agriculture, transportation infrastructure, creation myths and religious beliefs. It also takes great care to avoid the common historioraphical error of projecting onto the Incas, arguably the last great civilization to have existed without contac with the "Old World" western ways of seeing and imagining the universe.

The Incas is one of our best sellers and has already been translated to different reality.


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Franklin Pease García-Yrigoyen (1939-1999). Ph.D. in History from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, were he tauht from 1965. He was director of the National Library of Peru, director of the National Museum of History, and founder and director of the journal Historica.

Chapter I
The Andes, its History and the Incas 
Inca History 
The Predecessors of the Incas in the Andes 
Chapter II
The Origin of the Incas 
The Early Organization of Cusco and the Formation of the Tawantinsuyu 
The Inca Conquests 
Chapter III
The Inca Economy
Agricultural Technology 
The Administration of Production 
The Quipus 
Chapter IV
The Organization of Society 
The Dualism 
The Inca 
The Cusco Elite
The Curaca: Ethnic Lord
Inca and Local Administration
The Population and Population Policy
Chapter V
Description of Cusco
Chapter VI
The Inca Religion
Andean Cosmovision
The Huacas and the Sacred
The Inca Sun Religion
Chapter VII
Art and Culture
Chapter VIII
The Incas after the Spanish Invasion 
Glossary of Quechua terms 
Basic Bibliography 

ISBN: 9789972429491

Year: 2015

Edition: 1era.

Pages:  178

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